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Vision and Mission

Welcome to Washington Middle School!
1101 Noble Ave Bakersfield 93305 (661)631-5810
Welcome to Washington Middle School!
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Washington Middle School

Mission Statement

The Mighty Hornet Team will work together to ensure high levels of learning for all!

Washington Middle School

Vision Statement

Be the best Middle School in the universe where all our Hornets are cared for, supported, & graduate ready to thrive in high school and beyond.

Washington Middle School

Core Beliefs
  1. All our Hornets can learn at high levels when we support them with their unique needs.
  2. All our Hornets will be respected & safe in our classrooms & school.
  3. We take responsibility for all our Hornets.
  4. Together we are Mighty!

Washington Middle School


  1. Ensure high-levels of learning for all students through quality instruction.
  2. Ensure a safe, learning environment where all students are supported through quality interactions.
  3. Ensure we become a Professional Learning Community.


Washington Middle School


Our Mighty Hornets we know, their knowledge we grow!